Container management
Container metrics

Container metrics

The platform provides you with a set of metrics to monitor your containers directly from the console, on the runner view.

Every metric is provided for a given container over a period of an hour or a day. You can access them for the last 24 hours, the last 7 days or the last 30 days (metrics above 30 days are erased).

Available Container Metrics

  • Number of 2XX requests
  • Number of 3XX requests
  • Number of 4XX responses
  • Number of 5XX responses
  • upTime and Downtime (in seconds)
  • Number of restarts (ex: after a deploy, or after a bug in the container that kills it)
  • Request execution time (min, max and average per request in seconds)
  • Request Data-in volume (data received min, max and average per request in bytes)
  • Request data-out volume (data sent min, max and average per request in bytes)



Extensions are only available on request and could implies an additional fee. Please contact

On request it is possible to

  • connect a Prometheus (opens in a new tab) system to integrate your metrics with your monitoring system (eg. Grafana).
  • get other specific metrics
  • extend the retention of the metrics (3 months, 1 year or more)
  • access metrics using an API key to access them

If you're interested by these extensions contact