Infrastructure management
Add manually a runner

Add manually a runner


Adding manualy a runner is a feature only available on request and could implies an additional fee. Please contact

In the case you already have an instance, a VM or a bare server and you want to transform it as a Container machine that can be running in a public cloud or on-premise, and you want to manage it with out CaaS, meaning our platform will take care of container service management.


The instance, on-premise VM or a bare metal server must

  • be running an amd64 linux based operating system, distribution Debian 10, Debian 11, or CentOs 7,
  • have a public IP,
  • have port 443 opened from everywhere all time,
  • During the connection step, have port 22 opened for the remote Address: Note that ssh root login is disabled and can only be used using a private key.

Script to download

We provide a add-runner script to setup and provision the instance, VM or server to ScaleDynamics as a Runner. After being added, the new runner works as others, so you can deploy and run containers, access metrics...

add-runner script is available for some Linux distributions

If you're using another linux distribution, please contact us (

Using the script

To use the script you need to have

  • api_key which is a specific API Key must be provided by ScaleDynamics please contact us (,
  • org_id which indicates on which organisation to add the runner. You can get it on the organization view of the console, in settings tab.
  • linux_model which indicates the type of linux based distribution. There are also provided by ScaleDynamics on request.
  • runner_name which indicates the name of the runner you want to create.
./ <api_key> <org_id> <linux_model> <runner_name>


Below and example on how to add a Debian based linux runner with name my-runner-01.

./ <connect_api_key> <org_id> sd-on-premise-debian my-runner-01

Exemples of instances

Below some instance kind per cloud you can connect to ScaleDynamics (this list is not exhaustive. You can connect any kind of public cloud, in-house, on-premise instance or bare metal servers that meet our prerequesites).

  • AWS EC2 instances
  • GCP public cloud instances
  • Azure public cloud instances
  • Scaleway public cloud instances or bare metal servers
  • OVH public cloud instances or bare metal servers
  • Outscale public cloud instances
  • Ionos public cloud instances
  • Equinix bare metal servers