Cloud connectors



ScaleDynamics provides a managed Containers-as-a-Service on top of different Cloud Service Providers (CSP) infrastructures.

A connector provides your CSP account credentials to ScaleDynamics. After a connector is added, ScaleDynamics will allocate infrastructure resources in your CSP account using these credentials.

When you want to use a particular CSP infrastructure you need to add at least one connector for that CSP. Of course you can create as many connector you need if you want to access multiple CSP infrastructures.


ScaleDynamics CaaS doesn't provide infrastructure resources, but manages your CSP accounts to allocate infrastructure resources. So you need to add at least a connnector for each CSP you want to use. It also means that you will receive one invoice per CSP for the infrastructure cost, and one invoice from ScaleDynamics for container and infrastructure management.

Adding a connector

Please have a look on how to add a connector for each cloud provider you want to connect on ScaleDynamics CaaS:

For Ionos

Have a look to Ionos connector documentation.

For Equinix

Have a look to Equinix connector documentation.

For Outscale

Have a look to Outscale connector documentation.

For Scaleway

Have a look to Scaleway connector documentation.

For Google Cloud

Have a look to Google Cloud connector documentation.

For Azure

Have a look to Azure connector documentation.


Have a look to AWS connector documentation.

For Digital Ocean

Have a look to Digital Ocean connector documentation.