Container management


With the CLI of the SDK, you can access the execution logs of all your deployed services.

Get the list of deployments

Then to get the list of all deployments let's use this command:

npx warp deployment list

The command will dump you something like that:

logs list

Get logs of a deployment

You can fetch the logs in two different ways, one being with the name of the deployment you can find with the list command above, or via an interactive prompt:

  npx warp deployment logs deployment-2021-08-06T14:46:04.890Z
  npx warp deployment logs

The result will give you something like that (interactive prompt mode, but the end result will be the same):

logs gif

You can display the level of logs using the --level <level> where <level> can be:

  • build for build logs
  • stdout for stdout logs of the container
  • stderr for stderr logs of the container
  • system, for logs related to scaledynamics platform like (container start, or container stop)
  • access, for logs related to HTTP requests

By default, the command dumps 'access/stdout/stdin/system' levels. To access build logs you have to add --level build

To get realtime update of logs

To fetch the server logs and follow in realtime, use the previous commands with --follow flag :

  npx warp deployment logs --follow deployment-2021-08-06T14:46:04.890Z

logs follow gif